Madalena FIscherWelcome to the website for the Embassy of Portugal in Moscow!

Having recently assumed my duties as Ambassador of Portugal in Moscow, it is with great pleasure, and with personal and professional commitment, that I address all users of our Embassy's website.

Not only to Portuguese citizens living or traveling in Russia, as well as in other countries covered by this Embassy – Armenia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan –, but also to all those who are interested in Portugal, its culture and language, whether of Russian or other nationality.

Our goal is to provide a platform with updated information about Portugal, including events and initiatives taking place in our country, but also about the activities of the Portuguese Embassy in Moscow, as well as contacts and useful information concerning our consular services. We hope that you will find this platform useful and would welcome any feedback from our followers. 

Despite the considerable geographical distance, Portugal and Russia share a multi-secular history, a relationship of friendship and mutual respect. This has been the result of numerous interactions, both at the official and personal level, ranging across cultural, economic, commercial, and political-diplomatic sectors.

The historical relationship between our two countries date back to the 18th century, when D. Maria I of Portugal and Catherine II of Russia, established diplomatic relations, thus paving the way for new trading opportunities and greater cultural exchange. A joyful outcome of this was a rise in popularity of Port and Madeira wine in Russian society. Another little-known fact from this era is that the famous Portuguese singer Luísa Todi joined the court of Empress Catherine II for four years acting as her royal singing teacher.

Only two years ago, we celebrated 240 years of diplomatic relations between our two nations, and we are now looking forward to the normalization of the international health situation, as it will allow us to resume the exchanges between Portugal and Russia. We believe mutual visits and exchanges are crucial to continue to deepen and diversify our relationship.

Our relationship with political and institutional stakeholders is based on dialogue, mutual respect and international law, which are key to reaffirm our will to face global challenges together. Furthermore, in the commercial and economic field, new opportunities arise with the Environmental and Digital Agenda. Moreover, we look forward to promoting tourism, which is an area of ​​ clear relevance, given the cultural wealth and diversity of our two countries. We also look forward to prioritizing cultural exchanges, be in the areas of music, visual arts, dance, or literature. Finally, we aim to support and encourage academic cooperation, which is a fundamental sector in ensuring the progress of our two nations. We believe that promoting knowledge sharing and encouraging interactions between younger generations is a key factor in bringing our two people and culture closer together.

You can count on the commitment and enthusiasm of the Embassy’s team, as we work together to strengthen the relationship between Portugal and Russia.

Madalena Fischer

Ambassador of Portugal in Moscow

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