Paulo Vizeu PinheiroI return now to Moscow, after more than 15 years, with the honorable assignment of representing Portugal in this big friendly country which is the Russian Federation.

Our economic relations date back to the beginning of the 18th century with Peter the Great and the trade of wines from Douro and Madeira. However, it is only in 1778 under the reigns of Catherine the Great and Dona Maria I, two great stateswomen and visionaries, that the first diplomatic relations were formally established and Ambassadors exchanged.

The relations between Portugal and Russia have always been marked by the friendship and respect between our two Peoples. Those relations translated into several treaties and agreements. They also have known interruptions, ups and downs, like all relations between countries that respect each other. Nevertheless, I believe it is important to emphasize the close relations we have been building for more than 43 consecutive years.

I have the purpose, together with my team, of deepening our relations at all levels, from political to economic and trade; from socio-cultural to scientific and educational.  Although this is the purpose that motivates me, I also know that the actors who build our relations day after day are the Portuguese living, studying or working in Russia; our businessmen, teachers, researchers, and artists.

The beginning of my mandate coincided with the 6th Joint Economic Commission between Portugal and Russia and the signing of a new Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation. I have no doubt that our common path is that of deepening our political, social and cultural ties, and of expanding of business opportunities. I believe that in the present context of economic globalization, Portugal and Russia present themselves as partners for the development and diversification of their respective economies.

In this web page, you will find useful information about the Embassy, the consular section, services, as well as on developments in the official and social areas. However, this page belongs to several authors or coauthors, and its intention is to become an interactive platform of knowledge and cooperation. Therefore, we hope to count on the contribution of “writers”, Portuguese and Russians who are friends of Portugal, to enrich our website.

Thank you!

Paulo Vizeu Pinheiro

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