The Conference on Protection against Racial Discrimination and related Intolerance (anti-Semitism, Xenophobia and Antigypsism) will be taking place onliine on April 20th, initiative in partnership with Programa Nunca Esquecer.

The fight against all forms of discrimination is a priority of the Portuguese Presidency commited to promote Human Rights and ensuring equal opportunities.

This High Level conference - the programme can be found on this link,- takes place on the framework of the Trio of the Presidency and of the Portuguese Presidency of the EU Council, part of a series of initiatives related to the promotion of European values of democracy, including the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Instambul Convention on prevention of violence against women and domestic violence, the informal dialogue on integration, both taking place in April, as well as the High Level conference on Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights, in May.

It is also part of a series of initiatives on the EU level (as the EU Action Plan against Racism 2020-2025 and the organization of a Summit against Racism and a Council Declaration on the fight against anti-Semitism, but also on the regional and international levels, namely on the context of the United Nations.

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